2016-03-31 11:26:08 +0000

Tap BPM for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

I have a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (PO-12) and it’s pretty cool. One thing I felt was missing, though, was a way to tap a button to set the BPM value - the 3 presets (Hip-Hop, Disco, Techno) and dial adjust isn’t very specific. It does however have a sync feature that allows you to connect multiple Pocket Operators together (and I’ve heard some other devices as well) - and keep them in sync… which got me thinking, could one create the sync signal using some simple electronics and programming? Project time…

2016-03-09 22:48:31 +0000

Display Raspberry Pi webcam video to screen

So, this is how to display your Raspberry Pi USB webcam video to your screen (without X windows). It’s all rather simple once you Google all day looking for how to do it…

2016-02-01 11:15:30 +0000

Ubiquiti AP Setup Debugging

While trying out a Ubiquiti wifi solution, I ran into one AP not getting installed correctly. It was showing as either disconnected or pending authorization - the latter I think means that it was trying to connect to a wifi netowork rather than the ethernet network it was plugged into.

2016-01-29 00:18:25 +0000

Using Platformio with ESP8266 Arduino 2.1.0-rc2 release candidate

In order to get Platformio to build a project based on ESP8266 release candidate, I had to do the following - basically these instructions:

2015-12-30 11:18:33 +0000

Adafruit Feather ESP8266 module - Arduino IDE settings

These are the settings that got me up and going- before this I was getting warning: espcomm_sync failed error: espcomm_open failed error

2015-09-30 23:52:26 +0000

PlatformIO Investigation

While looking around for a good library to parse JSON on an Arduino, I bumped into PlatformIO. This seems to address a problem I’ve been struggling with – library / board management.

2015-09-30 23:23:40 +0000

ES8266 / DHT22 - Wi-Fi / Temperature & Humidity server (example mashup)

Here’s a quick (couple hours with my sloppy mistakes) mashup of two Arduino examples - the ES8266 (HUZZAH from Adafruit) WiFi controller and a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor. This is the start of a bigger project which tells outdoor and indoor temperature along with accurate time (more on that to come), and probably wind speed, etc…

2015-09-15 20:35:28 +0000

Update to using an ATtiny85 in a Similar Way To An Adafruit Trinket - specifically to run the Adafruit Neopixel library

I’m continuing to try and ‘cheap-ify’ my per effect cost for my Halloween decorations. I ran into some issues last night trying to get an Arduino sketch that used the Adafruit Neopixel library and ran on a Trinket to run on a straight ATtiny85. The solution was to select the chip in the Arduino IDE and using an AVR programmer, burn the ‘bootloader’.

2015-09-08 20:34:06 +0000

Revisiting ATtiny85 Software-Based PWM to Drive RGB LED

I’m digging up some old code that I did a long time ago - It’s a software-based pulse width modulator (PWM) for AVR microprocessors. The basics came from this technote, and the code was based on this sample project from AVR.

2015-09-04 06:17:54 +0000

Setting My ATtiny85 Fuses To Mimic The Adafruit Trinket

To get a Adafruit Trinket Arduino sketch running on a straight-up ATtiny85, I did the following: